Metal Sign

Metal Sign
Metal Sign

Custom metal sign is the blue jeans of the sign industry

Everyone knows that safe, convenient, amazing feeling you have when you slide your favorite pair of blue jeans. These are durable, beautiful and designed just right for any occasion. Everyone's favorite pair of blue jeans is unique. They come in all styles, all shapes and sizes of all. No two are made, worn or looks exactly the same!

Metal signs for the sign industry what American blue jeans are for fashion. They made signs durable, long lasting, unique and perfect for any business. No matter the event, promotion or purpose, custom metal signs can be made to fit.

As each pair of blue jeans yourself is not both all metal signs are not created equal. The signs can be created and manufactured a number of different ways. Each customer is trying to make a different statement, promote a variety of images and create their own sense of style.

How metal signs are custom made?

Metal signs can goods in a number of ways. We are going to discuss three main ways that the custom aluminum signs are printed sign industry today.

  1. Cut Vinyl - Traditional metal sign is made entirely from precision cut vinyl lettering being weeded, secrets and applied to aluminum. Sign company still has the ability to, and sometimes I make custom signs only way.

Cut vinyl is rated 3-5 years intermediate certificate if using vinyl and 7-10 years using high performance vinyl. To this end vinyl is definitely a plotter cut, weeded, secrets and laid hands on aluminum. This process one more time consuming process, but is still rated the longest lasting vinyl systems out there. Only disadvantage is that your design is created from individually cut letters that it is open for being tampered with, deleted characters, etc.

Sign industry manufacturers provide different-colored vinyl and downloads. Ranging from the standard intermediate and high performance color grade vinyl with reflective dots there are some manufacturers out there always coming up with new options. Now you can purchase mask, coal fiber, neon colors and so much more. Cut vinyl can be done with outlines, drop shadows and multiple colors. Cut vinyl can not provide gradients, fades, custom color, etc.

Which leads us to option 2 ...

  1. Digitally Printed Vinyl - This is the world we live in today. Most sign shops themselves and continue to use their digital printers. All vinyl printing for custom metal signs are more cost effective than time and cut vinyl. Even though digital printed vinyl only rated for 3-5 years without fading, manufacturers have developed a number of laminates to extend its longevity in 7-10 years including lasting. Digitally printed vinyl offers a more consistent and economical way to sign development. There is less room for human error while prepping and laying out your design with your metal signs.

By digitally-print your custom business signage you open the door to various design options that are otherwise unavailable. It is necessary to create fades, gradients, custom Pantone color matching, etc. The way that you can add your designs are endless when you go digitally printed vinyl signs on your metal. Laminates available include Dry Erase, Graffiti Proof, and standard laminate.

  1. Direct Printing - Metal signs can now be printed directly on the substrate as well. This can be done in two different ways: screen printing and flat bed printing.
    • Screen printing offers high durability, crisp edge printing and awesome clarity. It is used especially when producing large quantities orders. This is the perfect process when making spot color, you can not do gradients or fades custom. You can print screen half tones, but it is not the effect that most customers today are looking for.

It has limitations though ... screen printing cost more when in need to do the full bleed printing or when custom Pantone colors need to be mixed and matched to get the specific color needed.

    • Flat bed printing is the most cost effective, fast turnaround, most flexible systems out there printed alongside digitally printed.

Flat bed printing has some print speed and print quality levels depending on the type of signs needed and how they are used. Print quality in the thousands Coroplast yard signs is the total opposite of a high end full color real estate sign. The advantage is that there is no time applications for vinyl printer prints your design directly onto the metal.

It offers the same durability as screen printing, but offers more printing options. Flat bed printing allows more opportunities for your vinyl signs to be more customized and unique. This allows for all color printing, fades, gradients, custom colors, etc.

Next to digitally-print your metal signs, flat bed printing allows the majority of options to achieve the look you desire for your company.

How do you decide what type of custom metal sign is best for you?

Ask questions.

If you go to your local sign shop to ask how your signs are manufactured. Ask what method of production they are available. Ask how they suggest that your custom design sign is made.

By knowing the options out there, looking at your design and working with your sign company can make the best decision for your investment.

Metal signs are one of the best investments you can do for your business or organization. They have infinite uses ranging from sales for signs, work signs the site, and special events signs with larger signs for your building, larger construction sites and so much more.

What do you do next to find the right custom metal sign ?

Go shopping!

Similar favorite pair of blue jeans you love, you have to shop for your one of a kind custom metal signs as well.

By working on your sign shop you can identify your niche for your own custom unique phenomenon aluminum. Remember these are durable, beautiful and designed just right for any occasion. Like the blue jeans your custom aluminum signs can come in all styles, all shapes and sizes of all. No two are made, worn or look exactly the same! Make sure yours is unique, shows off your style and brand your business.

Custom metal signs are an investment you will not regret. Ask questions, make a design that you are comfortable with, that you are proud of and that shows the image you want for your business or organization.

If you do all of them in your custom signs both offer safe, comfortable, amazing feeling for you as you are when you slide your favorite pair of blue jeans.

About the Author

Robin Harrelson, also nationally known as TheSignChef, is a visionary in the sign industry.  With her husband Tim, their live, interactive website provides instant access to unique online signs tools, how-to videos and corporate class custom signage.

For 23 years, TheSignChef has accumulated a wealth of industry-specific knowledge to create masterpieces which are guaranteed to delight! For the first time, TheSignChef is inviting us behind the scenes and into the "kitchen" to share secret sign recipes, tips and tricks. So come on in for a bite!

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