Momochi Zabuza

Momochi Zabuza
Momochi Zabuza
Cosplay question, wondering what character I could do because of my height?

Im 6'7 "and 250 to 260 pounds Dark hair, now then the pic At one point someone said I could do Zabuza Momochi and im wondering if I had other options that could possibly pull off

Height really does not matter much as long as the total piece is good (costume, props, acting, etc.). But you if you're THAT conscious about height, then here are some high character as an example, Al - From Full Metal Alchemist (no hair / face concerns) -. Http: / / raging inside the famous manga & anime. From http:// Komamura - Bleach (no hair / face concerns). Http:// from the stampede - from the anime Trigun ------ Http:// Manga & Game characters-Faust - from the fighting game series Guilty Gear (no hair worries) - another fighter Guilty Gear . jpg ------ Extra example-you can be a Gundam / mecha is the guy in the creepy girl uniform school> _> Http: / / Hopefully one of those "inspired" to you or reminds you of another character that can fit. Good luck.

Kirigakure - Momochi Zabuza

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