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Colloidal Silver & Gold Monatomic Atoms New Kid On The Block

There was a lot written about monatomic particles, monatomic particles are difficult to obtain and difficult to detect, which is why most colloidal Chemical suppliers say "Monatomic" gold or silver is a "myth".

The debunkers are accepted discredit or colloidal monatomic atoms and ions by traditional colloidal chemical producers, where they will not support other evidence what they call in the Tyndall effect, a simple test of visual detection.

More science has confirmed the existence of superatoms, they are a "myth" as much so blindly put it, nonexistent up until a few years ago, over a more recent reports have proven that the Hadron Collider experiments, smashing protons into each other, made some subatomic particles are now known as kaons and pions.

Monatomic particles may in fact what was found by the Hadron Collider, unless they have given them different names like Pions and Kaons.

If monatomic particles does not exist, then why build a $ 9000000000 dollars Hadron Collider to find particles undetectable?

The Hadron Collider Report confirming that subatomic / monatomic particles can and do exist and are no longer a "myth" as the opportunity still claim even if they are presented with new and true scientific information, they still hold their lies the truth.

Einstein predicted the existence of particle long ago and modern science knows that they have, but has yet to develop an inexpensive way to detect them and eventually use them.

Colloidal Silver and Gold Atoms is the new kid on the block when it comes down in Monatomic Colloidal Products.

Most producers of typical colloidal Nano Products use chemicals to make their solutions. Now there is an alternative chemicals, but first let's review the typical colloidal products with about 10 zillion companies that sell them.

Problem Colloidal Nano Chemical Products:

  1. Chemicals used in their works, whether it's color, if it is stored in blue or amber bottle, and the instructions say no in the fridge, or put at high temperatures, it has chemicals. The chemical bond together and silver will drop below the medium and expose the fact that there is THE heavy metal in the solution.
  2. Heavy Metal Content doctors to frown and with good reason, doctors say Heavy Metal is hard to rock, but so is alcohol, and so is drinking too much water.

Chemical Problems:

Common chemicals used and promoted by many companies Nano colloidal particle are:

  • Sodium
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Nitric acid
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Phosphates
  • Cyanide
  1. Sodium combined with Silver, Silver Chloride to make, all chlorides cause nerve damage over long term use.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide combined with Silver creates a solution that helps premature white hair.
  3. Hydrochloric acid combined with silver makes Silver hydroxide that causes hair to fall out.

That's just a few examples of what Silver Chemical consumption can do to your body.

So what is safe to use?


Chemical Free Colloidal Silver and Gold Products: Colloidal Silver 3000 ppm Atoms Natures answer is that they are immune system trace Mineral Supplements made with No Chemicals and the value of Maximum Ppm in the market.

When is a Metal considered a Heavy Metal?

Heavy Metal drop under any liquid solution, nano large particle is a bit lighter than heavy metal, but not light enough to remain suspended in their chemical solutions., but when they are exposed to extreme cold, or extreme heat, they bind up together and drop to the bottom of the container along with their colorful chemicals.

Monatomic Mineral trace particle atoms, do not drop below extreme cold or heat, you can freeze it and heat it but it did not drop below.

The next question is then how do I know We do have monatomic particles?

Its real simple and basic chemistry

Warning: Children do not try this experiment this, certain chemicals may be hazardous to your health, this test should only be conducted by experienced chemists, proper safety equipment and supplies are needed, if you do this experiment you do so at your own risk.

  1. With 500 ml of Monatomic Colloidal Gold Atoms from: (Clue Gold 9999 ppm in distilled water)
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of pure Salt.
  3. Boil down to about 20 ml, until the salt is moist, not over heat.
  4. Add 500 ml of water and repeat steps 3 times boil down to about 200 ml
  5. Add 500 ml of HCL and boil down to moist salt
  6. Add 500 ml of pure distilled water and steam to moist salt
  7. Repeat 4 times until there is no odor and no color HCL gold chloride.
  8. After the last steamer, there was found the pink or reddish precipitate mixed in with the salt when fired in extreme heat also produced gold chain tested for gold.

So remember when traveling abroad, do not ruin your business trip, honey moon, holiday someone coughing in your face, take colloidal silver 3000 ppm its safe, efficient and priced right.

About the Author

The Gold Standard in Theory and Myth (by Joseph Salerno)

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