Naruto Weapon

Naruto Weapon
Naruto Weapon

Action packed Anime Games for grown-ups

'Anime' is an abbreviation taken from the Japanese pronunciation of the word 'animation'. As long as the anime word''is used it indicates Japanese animation. Anime is widely used in cartoons, movies and games today it. The character used in the anime has become home name. In fact, anime games are the favorite for most people who love playing games on their play station. Some of the famous anime games are:

Jump Ultimate Stars:

This action Games published by Nintendo was released on 23 November 2006. With more than 300 characters in this game. Some of them are D-Gray man, Naruto and Bleach. The story of the game is that a black hole is sucked Jump Land and you can save it from these people did. It is a multiplayer game also has Wi-Fi mode.

Astro Boy - Omega Factor

This is one of the best action game. The Astro boy usually uses his fists to beat the enemy. But as the levels go up and the enemies become stronger Astro boy can use the finger laser, machine gun and cannon arm. The fingers can shoot laser multiple enemies while the arm cannon can do 30 times more damage. The gun can hold the enemy for some time. The game has 43 levels each level having some characters that provide clues or help unlock some secret levels. Overall, this is an engrossing game available for Play Station 2.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3

This game is based on one of the most famous Japanese comics of all time, Dragon Ball Z. This is an action adventure game with super powered warriors who want to become the most powerful fighter in the universe. Although the first version of the game that, Dragon At Ball Z Budokai Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 is not impressive, this version added the fast paced action and special attack energy rays to make it more interesting. It is also available for Play Station 2.

Killer 7

It is also one of the popular adventure games anime actions. This is a story about a group of seven assassins work of an old man named Harman Smith wants to eliminate a terrorist threat. The terrorist threat is called Heaven Smile where the terrorists are very curious creatures, to blow themselves like suicide bombers. You have to search for them and overcome them, at the same time you have to solve various puzzles to move ahead. Each character has a monstrous variety of weapons and a weak point the body such as thighs, elbows or head, you need to aim and shoot at, kill him. This game is also available for Play Station 2.

Separate action game from many anime hentai and games available for grown-ups. Girls may not like the game and the action so they can go for various dress up anime games available. They can also go for sports anime like a car race game, beach balls etc.

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Naruto Weapon

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