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Nassau - The Pirates of the Caribbean Haven

Nassau - The Pirates of the Caribbean Haven

by Cherie Pugh

Cherie Pugh discovered the true story of Nassau pirates when sailing through the Caribbean on a traditional wooden ship. He found the court records of their trial in London, and spent years researching and writing

"Mary Read - sailor, soldier, Pirate.

This ultimate pirate story is now available as an ebook or paperback from www.womanpirate.com

After Queen Anne's War, European, and particularly British soldiers and sailors, are left to ask for their bread scattered throughout the European colonies. Many of those stranded in the Caribbean are forced to cut timber in the jungles, desperate lives uniting them in tight-knit brotherhoods. When they are taken to sea as pirates, they are united by the Welsh Captain Henry Jennings, who led them in an attack on a Spanish salvage camp, and made off with a fortune.

[For more information about the pirate life, see my article

"The Real Pirates of the Caribbean"]

But war with Spain was over, and the pirates are now outlaws, the navies of all the European powers against them. Jennings thus lead them to Captain's Mission old pirate base, the port of Nassau on the island of Providence in the Bahamas. It stood directly in the line of trade from Europe to the American colonies and Africa, the triangle of commodities, sugar and slaves who made England rich, and built his city from the west, such as Bristol and Liverpool. As each ship will sail to the 'winds trade 'in this direction, each ship will have to run the pirate responsibility. The merchants rich enough to pay heavily for Naval protection, and their ships sailed in convoys.

Jennings united pirates under Captain Mission's code. He insisted in honor of the brothers of the Sea, claiming they is the only real gentlemen, the great born but a pack of wolves that do no gorged and weak. The pirates came from 80% of Britain who lived in desperate poverty and lawlessness, and having suffered from terrible injustice, they chose not to tolerate it.

Each company pirate on board each ship elected captain, which led to them when 'chasing or being chased' and a quartermaster, who was to protect the rights of men from the captain. When in Nassau, the captains and quartermasters formed the Nassau council, heard complaints, and attempted to keep the peace, not only between of pirates, but between the pirates and islanders and the occasional British Governor appointed by the government.

The pirates like Edward Teach, or Blackbeard as he styled himself, who does not comply with humanitarian standards, is not welcome in Nassau. In fact, Blackbeard and his crew are based in Saint Thomas, then the American mainland.

Some pirates, like Captain Cockram of Harbour Island, married women island, established family, and made significant contribution to their small settlements. Captain Cockram compiled an accurate chart of the Bahamas from notes and scraps of maps navigator, and presented his work life ungrateful Governor Woodes Rogers. He also was involved in building small forts saved the islanders when they were attacked, and repair of the islanders' effective defense.

John Heman designed and built the pirate ships in the Harbour Island in the Bahamas, and he based his design on the sloops of Malacca pirates' fleet attack, run faster ', which are themselves based on the Arab dhow. Draughted shallow and fast, the pirate sloops are better suited to sailing the treacherous reefs and shallows of the Caribbean. Their fleets of small, fast schooners and sloops, all with a new bird-fly prows and sails, glided across the water under the lightest of breezes. Despite, or because of, the smaller their size, they can easily outran, out-fought and out-sailed the clumsy, square-rigged, huge ships Navy. The Dutch have provided an effective defense against Spanish attack using small, lightly-armed fishing boat against the large Spanish galleons, and These lessons are not lost to pirates. Thousands of them flourished in the Caribbean through 1715, the company hundreds of people, with fleets of ships fast.

The British Navy found itself quite at a loss, too far from home, sick and sad Crews, who only stay in line with discipline so it hurts to ear caused mutinies. The poor, hungry sailors, most shanghaied by their own government, probably dreamed of being captured by pirates, and being rich and free, and they certainly have not relied on to fight pirates desperation. And as naval commanders made fortunes from convoying merchant ships, demanding sometimes up to a quarter of the cargo, and further contributing to the property's trade area, their commitment to the actual destruction of the pirates may questioned.

When King George lost patience with his Navy's inability to deal with the pirates, he has cleverly offered a full Pardon pirates first. Within a few months, half of Nassau pirates have gone home, glad to end a long exile away from their families. Governor Bennett of Bermuda sent his own son to sail straight into Nassau harbor, and invite the pirates in Bermuda make the Pardon. Henry Jennings immediately set sail for Bermuda, hundreds pirates to him.

Then the king sent Captain Woodes Rogers to take Nassau back from the pirates. During Queen Anne's War, Rogers Spanish acquired enough gold to finance England's entire campaign against French domination. When he sailed his fleet in Nassau, Captain Vane fireships meet him, and forced him out again. But that night, Vane's supporters melted away from him. Because of their love of freedom, and Vane's reputation for arrogance, they chose to live as Englishmen, an English colony, with a Governor, rather than as the subject of a Pirate King. When the Governor sailed again the next morning Vane only stayed long enough to fire a bullet at him, then fled through impossibly narrow eastern channel. Anne and beautiful Jack Rackam sailed with him. The Pirate Mary Read remained in Nassau, still dressed as a man, and searched the Pardon.

[For more information about the pirate women, see my article

"Mary Read and Anne beautiful - the Pirate Women Caribbean "]

Governor Woodes Rogers is an ambitious Puritan, with little time for women, and nothing for the brothers. He did not understand The pirates' readiness to surrender, and was sure they rise against him. Rogers has brought hundreds of colonists to him from the war-ravaged Europe, but rains brought fever, and was buried most of them within weeks. The brothers are not farm, and when she insisted that they slaves to build forts against expectations of a Spanish attack, more back to sea.

After a successful expedition, Vane's arrogance and disdain for the pirate code found I lost him the leadership of his pirate fast Rackam Jack handsome and popular. Under Rackam's captaincy, the pirates prospered, and after a wild gaiety Tortuga Tom Moody sa Christmas, during which Anne poorly disclosed his real identity Rackam, he suggested that they divide their Harry and ships, and ask for Pardon.

They returned to Nassau, persuaded the Governor that they would defend his colony from any attack by Spanish forces, and set up a trading company. As there is a new looming war with Spain, the Governor is rightfully terrified of a Spanish attack, and had to accept them. When the Spaniards finally attack, pardoned the brothers easily beat them off, but Governor Rogers still distrusted them.

After the Governor heard Jack Rackam intended to pay the first wife Anne's beautiful, as she is now mother of Jack's son, and he wanted to marry him. Anne Rogers denounced as a prostitute, threatened her with a whip, and revealed that Jack will handle the lash. Within days, Anne was tricked her system on board the fastest ship in the harbor, one of John Heman own sloops, and Rackam's old crew is back in the account.

When the Naval commanders based in the colonies appealed to the local governor for money to equip small fleets of sloops, they were finally able to challenge the pirates. When Rogers sailed to Nassau, she sloops him, though they did not dare follow Vane through the narrow eastern channel out of the Nassau harbor. But Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet was both captured by the navy sloops that trapped them in shallow mudflats of the American River Main, and blasted them to pieces. Jack Rackam is also finally got through a Jamaican sloop Navy, although the wild women in his crew almost fought off their attackers single hand.

[For more information on the British Government's killing of pirates,

see my article "The End Pirates of the Caribbean "]

Any historians of the Caribbean pirates must wonder what would have happened if the pirates refused to surrender Nassau. The ease with which half of them cast the Spanish attack confirms that it is beyond the power of the British Navy to take Nassau with their massive, square-rigged ships. If Charles Vane had not been so high hand, and Henry Jennings has not been so convinced that the pirates are Pardon best interest, they may port held indefinitely. That most of them chose to leave the wall and return home proves that they are indeed exiles, forced to piracy to survive. The rest found it difficult to provide a life of freedom and wealth is hardly surprising, at a time when rich and free is beyond hope A gentle man, unless his dream came true, and he was captured by pirates.

This ultimate pirate story is now available as an ebook or paperback from www.womanpirate.com

About the Author

When sailing the Caribbean in a traditional wooden ketch, the Nordvag, I re-discovered the story of Mary Read, who lived as a man and died a pirate. I found her court records, and after many tears of research wrote "Mary Read- Sailor, Soldier, Pirate"
Re-creating the life of Mary Read has been a labour of love, as well as the work of half a lifetime. Learning about the real pirates of the Caribbean made it worth it.
If you want to read "Mary Read: Sailor, Soldier, Pirate", go to www.womanpirate.com

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