Pvc Figure

Pvc Figure
Pvc Figure

Adhesive film printing technology and processing methods (Figure) - film stickers, printing - Printing Industry

Label label, compared to traditional , no gluing, no glue, not dampened by water, no pollution, saving labeling time used on various occasions and easy fast. Different fabrics, adhesives and various types of paper under the label, paper label can be applied to the overall versatility of the material that is not possible, you say: a lot more self-adhesive labels. Label print, compared to traditional print has a different, typically label sticker printing machine interaction process, many processes simultaneously, such as fax, printing, die cutting, waste emission, cut sheet or abstract volume and more. The end of the volume of raw materials for all the input, the other end of the output of finished product. Leaflets or list finished labels, tags can be applied directly to finished goods. Therefore, labels to more complex printing process, device performance and print quality requirements for staff are also higher.

Film adhesive materials more and more people's daily lives (HC printing network map)

Compared with the normal paper, there are many advantages of thin film materials, film material is the future printing Label Printing Direction. Brief we explain the structure of thin film properties, printability and finishing process:

1, thin film material of the process of printing gravure printing techniques Basic
: Divided into gravure printing and gravure ink solvent ink water-based printing, Offset, UV printing Offset Printing Ink, publishing house, divided into ordinary resin printing ink and UV ink printing, Flexo, divided into water-based ink, solvent ink and UV ink printing, screen printing, is divided into UV printing ink and solvent ink printing, combination printing, divided into letterpress + silkscreen, letterpress + flexo, flexo + screen printing, offset + letterpress printing of four. Next, use the more detailed description of several printing methods:

A, ordinary printing ink resin is the most commonly used method, due to building problems, there are two ways drying, cut sheet, drying shelves. This method is drying time is long, covers an area of great, easy to rub dirty. Film. Ink is not dry wrapped the film, the membrane must be taken to prevent publishing, laminating control failure.

B, UV printing ink this way print quality, high efficiency, is the most development in China, the most appropriate conditions of the printing process. As The domestic printing equipment is usually not with UV devices, thin film printing is limited, so the equipment, updates, and upgrading is a necessary condition for printing of the film.

C, solvent flexo ink is the traditional method of printing, good quality. Due to the low surface tension solvent ink, the tension surface of the film as strictly required Unlike other inks, so ink fastness strong, fairly simple process. But the influence of solvents Environmental protection And dangerous, is about to dispose of the method of printing.

D, water-based flexo ink that is most of the world's advanced printing techniques, low cost, good quality, pollution-free. But the process demanding the film surface tension should be above 40 Dyne, PH value of the ink, viscosity, there are strict requirements. The process to develop an internal process, but limited by the development device is too slow.

E, UV flexo ink with UV printing features, high value, but the surface tension of the film pretty strict requirements. Manufacturers typically use more water-based ink printing, UV coating means to reduce costs, increase print results.

F, UV screen printing ink The new technology can also roll printed leaflets, high cost and quality. Leaflets printed without hanging shelves, high-speed reel can be printed.

G, solvent printing Ink is the traditional process, general pamphlets printed by hand, reel printing machine with a linkage. 95% of leaflet printing, efficient and low cost. But the digestion Screen printing inks in human health, pollute environment. H, UV offset ink. As the plastic resin used ink, it can not be ordinary offset printing film. Some manufacturers use when printing of PVC overlay leaflets, was added to the final dry laminating system. However, the ink is not easy drying, rub dirty easily, so careless, productivity is low. Using UV offset all of the above problems to avoid, and can print high-level version of the product film.

H, gravure Gravure printing small sticky, but the print quality is the best way of all printing, is a potential way of printing. Finishing the house until the solution, the existing the equipment of high quality fully printable stickers.

I, combination printing

Also called composite printing, is the current world Packaging Printing most advanced printing industry A's. Depending on pattern design, the same pattern printed in some way to achieve the best visual impact. Such devices are common in other countries, China has two types: Japan LINTEC SR-520B, SHIKY F-330, formerly letterpress + silkscreen, which was offset + Printing. About the Author

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