Samurai Champloo Dvd

Samurai Champloo Dvd
Samurai Champloo Dvd
Do you have an anime collection?

What do you own anime related? I have all the box sets and all the Bleach manga (currently released) I also have some other anime complete DVD box set like samurai champloo.

I have some mangas and all of the currently released Higurashi no Naku Koro's mangas. I also have a Blood + poster, a poster and a claymore Inuyasha calendar. I also have the Inuyasha movie 1 and 3 and I think 3 other DVDs for it. I also have the Cowboy Bebop movie on DVD. I can not forget about my Higurashi no Naku Koro's pin and Inuyasha keychain. I also have a stuffed beast of a Dango. (A food eaten in japan) I also have two small posters Higurashi.

Anime DVD Reviews:Samurai Champloo Original Boxset

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