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Wash stuffed animals to safely

Stuffed animals are one of the children's most favorite toys. These animals are great fun to be around, and occasionally go everywhere with your youngster. Because the animals have been around for almost every event, even if they get dirty and need to be an occasional bath.

So how do you keep stuffed animals clean? Well here are some tips to keep them clean and in great shape;

First and most importantly read the care the instructions that come with the stuffed animal on their label. Remember also all materials stuffed animals are made with.

Retailers of stuffed animals not Personally recommend washing stuffed animals in washer or dryer. What is highly recommended to spray with a mild all-purpose cleanser or just use soap and sponge it clean with a little water. Then leave your stuffed animal on the day dry.

However, many parents really think you need they have to wash the stuffed animals in a washing machine to make it completely clean. So here are tips if you want to do this:

First, make sure that none of your stuffed animals are the following before putting them in the washing machine:

* If a stuffed animal with excelsior, styrene foam, or any other the form of foam material, such as foam beads, they should be washed in the machine.

* If a stuffed animal with joints, or cardboard or any other form stiffeners, not put on a machine or they may be destroyed.

* Whether a stuffed animal has a sound box, do not put it in a machine or any other major form of water.

* If a stuffed animal is very large, very firm, or has a lot of stuffing may be removed by the filling by cutting a 5-6 inch area below the animal. This is important because the stuffing is most likely to shift and cause the animal to lose its shape. Plus washing of this much stuffing will take a very, very long time to dry. After cleaning, sew up the area and ensure that no padding fall.

After reading the above and your stuffed animal does not fit the first three categories, you can wash your animal in a washing machine. Before putting a stuffed animal in a washing machine, please make sure that no loose items, such as button noses or eyes. Please also check to make sure there are no openings where The stuffing can come out, so please sew up first place safe.

Before putting the stuffed animals in a washing machine, find a large enough cushion (or a sheet for large stuffed animals ) and fasten all ends rubber bands, safety pins or string. Please make sure that all ends to secure to protect the fur of stuffed animals. Plus it will keep any loose stuffing inside the pillow or sheet in any case falls out and can be re-installed.

After placing the stuffed animal in the washing machine, please set the most favorable to the laundry cycle. Conditioner can be added and will make a softer and fluffier stuffed animals. Please be careful when washing other stuffed items animals, no matter that can bleed into the stuffed animal making it a different color in the end. Also, your stuffed animals wearing clothes, please remove and wash separately. This is important because the color of the stuffed animal fur can sometimes bleed into the clothes they are wearing.

Tips on How to Clean stuffed animals without use of a washing machine:

* A great way to keep important stuffed animal fresh is to give it a dry bath in baking soda. Just sprinkle baking soda on the stuffed animals. After 20 minutes just brush off baking soda. You can also use baby powder. This process will get smells out and clean off any surface dirt.

* For stuffed animals that are badly stained or dirty, use a soft scrub brush with an all purpose cleaner.

* For stuffed animals in plastic part that spot or stains, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove them.

* For stuffed animals with dust mites can do the following:

Put your stuffed animal in a plastic bag. Then put it in a freezer overnight. If you have a large stuffed animal or no room in the freezer, you can wait to put it out in a very cold night. The temperature is below freezing. The next day, Remove the stuffed animals and vacuum thoroughly but gently.

Tips on How to Dry a Stuffed Animal:

When you wash your stuffed animals or even how the stuffed animals have become very wet, you may not use a clothes dryer. It can damage the fur animals and may sometimes not be repaired. Please do not risk loosing your child's favorite animal, rather than do the following:

The safest way is to let the stuffed animal air dry. It may take up to several days. However, sometimes you need to stuffed animals dry soon. So can to use a hair dryer, but be careful not to get too close to the fur of animals and dry on the coolest setting available.

When a small liquid value is done with a stuffed animal just shake loose liquid. Then pat dry with a towel or sponge.

Care provided above, you clean stuffed animals will give you and your family many years of fun and excitement. Good luck!

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About the Author

The author works for a big stuffed animal site, and helps maintain a fun, free, and family friendly online animal game site,

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