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Jesus - A REAL IN REAL Man again

Jesus - A Very REAL REAL Man again.

Planned or imposed mission?

This deep look into the truth and Jesus myth stems from a very long history of research with real dialogues involving both numbers and mayor Church executive of the Christian Law of chivalry which ranked him as their source of inspiration and in some cases, like the ancient Templars, a past Grand Master. I say this because of what is called the public again in 1705 the installation of the Order of Knights Templar under the name of the Knights of the Orient caused by different documents are handed over. One of these documents, a copy of which is in Portugal, Jesus shows up as an ancient Grandmaster of the Order. The Bible itself are a source of unexpected jewels of comments that may have gone unnoticed had I not suspicions that there was a story within a story. This is not new. Others have made this major issue, but some have tried to understand the implications of some of them. A picture began to appear that enabled me to have sudden glimpses of this fascinating man who became both the inspiration and the pledge of millions. Some issues appear very disturbing with the folks who can provide evidence that material a much deeper nature and which explained a great deal in terms of historical events surrounding Christianity. In view of the "discovery" best suited for individual books, I chose to concentrate on the question of the real Jesus a € "the real person with a true mind and above all a € "real choice. He is a more interesting history and related people than the Church makes him to be.

If we were to take the modern study of his possible background, we can begin to see that his training and travels may have taken him as far in abroad as most of Asia, Europe and Norther African coast. It is not difficult to detect that she loved to travel and that his contact with nature is seen in many his saying. In fact, he was probably happiest when wandering through mountain villages and sharing the family life of the very primitive people they gave him Ear to sit on terror and the sound of his voice deep chesty. His religious beliefs are Asian context where you fit in well not only in the Sufi rigorous training, but with the supernatural power of communication of the Magi that obviously he was trained by. How do we know? Because when myths is woven by professionals, aspire to create a body of opinion and later use it as a means of political action, every pleasure details is woven into it to enable a right of entry to see the truth behind the fiction. The three wise kings may never exist, despite the sarcophagus in Cologne, but the mere fact that they form part of the story with interesting details, gives us a wealth of hidden information that takes many pages to describe convincingly. Either he is just the figment of imagination of some myth makers or else there is a firm base from scribes where the future elaborated religious / political approach. In cases in which we have to do the same situations as possible and just try and make or what is being created. Ignoring the implications of symbols and text is waste time in vain, childish assumptions. Indeed, taking all matters will be discussed by the century about him, we find hundreds of fragments unsympathetic refusing to match, but a very real and wonderful na hologram lacks little to turn it into a materialisation. It is no surprise therefore that Gandhi took him as his teacher when he exercised the power of passive silent resistance. Islam in its new Messiah, did not drop him either. In fact they continued to have great respect and dignified treatment to his greatness, to hold him as the Messiah of the end times. The term true Christians hold themselves to lovingly as the last day of redemption. They did it in a very "historical" exception. They do not accept his death on the cross but rather one in his place. The devil takes Jesus and it makes sense a wonder, but Islam done it before in the figure of Isaac was sacrificed by Abraham changed for that Ishmael was not the first born even by their own recognition of such it is reasonably safe to assume that it was not true. They are a good reason for twisted the truth and that was like his son to do next, Abraham his wife passed on a Royal harem at all that can happen there. Islam is therefore not happy about any issues that might cast doubt on parenting. They are so young to go for love that Abraham had his servant Haggai. Interpreting Islamic religion also states that Jesus was laughing at the mistake which saves his life and that does not hold true either, and totally out of context if we are to pick up a real person from the fragments of text available. The scribes of Islam, you also in contact with or arising from the Nestorians or the early Johannites that may well have held that Jesus did not die on the cross in Jerusalem, but that may have been no aware of any "suspicious" circumstances surrounding his recovery.

Wasted sacrifice?

GandhiÂ's doctrine of passive resistance are exactly what Jesus instructed his followers about and which easily led to his capture and torture. This is also what provided both the desired outcome and the incidental, the ultimate sadness of the realization of the ingratitude of the people without "ear to listen. Gandhi gasped his own murderer cursed Jesus and the fate of Judea when he realized the end was near. The same, felt betrayed by the chosen They "save" But in the case of Jesus he plotted his own property, his bitter cry of despair may well be provoked by Lance unexpected side who can not are part of the deal. it may be instigated by the priests referred to truly make sure that Jesus did not survive the ordeal. May again, it could be part of the signs required to show that the heart is pumping and there is no need to break his leg. Tiny blood mixed fluid in the lungs has given that impression and it also may be the product of heart slowing any ingredient that could have been put into sponge used when he said He thirsted. it may be that it forced the issue and the hasty and impulsive demand for his body was brought down. Perhaps the important life and death moment is planned that would bring him to the very hat of death, but provided, a potentially useful exercise save the grave. There are other factors of courses such as Jewish Sabbath about to enter, but then time is nothing. Again, the funeral was already before sunset and the arguments of the Temple authorities can be that of a pious Jewish family anxious not to be found in the burial rites of the Sabbath. The whole lifestyle is too graphically documented and the stages of romance too careful outlined, for want of a better term, to assume that other than it is an event with Roman Roman authorities involved. It was underlined, with the unreal, history was recorded, the act of placing the sign of the Royal acclaim at the top of his head. No Judean was made or even had access to an execution carried out by Roman military.

Disguised intentions

The doctrine of disguised intentions are genuine and very ancient Sufi. The Asiatic Hashishim, working to subvert the power mongers of Baghdad Sunni. Ishmaelis has never been fully accepted by either Christianity or Islam. Both are suspicious of their true ambitions, but in fact is Ishmaelis cementing ground between them and deserve a spot on the history of religion if only with respect to the huge influence they exerted in the promotion and launch of medieval chivalry and the Catholic Church itself. The shaping hand of the Jesuit intellectual by many, learned their skills transcend social influence and power through their knowledge and wisdom Ishamaeli center of Egypt. There is also a strong indication that Jesus was his Knowing the essence of self Sufi way if his very identifiable parables are anything to go by. The idea of preaching Jesus Brahmins therefore not as preposterous as some would make out the blur to cover up his actions and his followers. Circumcision for example is not as inviolable as baptizing the Jews are Christians, yet it's fun to have dispensed to let the pagans in In other words, the teachings of Jesus was little to do with cult blind faith as practiced by orthodox Jewish and Muslim, but the union of cultures within their own specific practices of a € "A federation of followers conscience, rather than narrow sectarian idealism. For Jesus, and self-knowledge through an explanation, it is true liberation from blind tradition and manipulative priest. Jesus, apparently, a teacher of "gnostic" concept of freedom by understanding a € "a sophist or cynical ee (Not what it means now). As such, so if people enter the group wanted to be circumcised, well and good, but if not, it has nothing to do the real mission and therefore no importance. This is another case of "dead burying the dead" - not important detail that can not be reduced from all over. The fragmenting of the ancient Al-Israel Judea with a period is after all, is for precisely that reason. A large republic of countries and beliefs are carried air apart by petty ambitions of those who want to do things of their own way. The commonwealth of federal alliances on individual cultures and histories forged from the same source, has forged a giant platform very much like the modern European concept, but an organized and centralized religion based on the Sabine (from Ethiopian) Temple worship, is something that has never and will not, gel. It would be the equivalent of one of the more powerful state of members of its wonderful culture and traditions the rest of them. The loss of the powerful influence of the first King of Israel, Saul, the tribes entered a period of conflict which culminated in the ongoing internal disputes and a bad attempt at palm side of the House of Judah to keep the Crown and power. The war of excessive complaints arising Judean Levites against in Benjamite rape of his wife, the republic was left in tatters. Peace, unity and prosperity of selected tribes, are gone forever. Jesus lived to continue the dream-the removal of remnants of tribes from the influence of the new Greek and Roman masters with or without the help of the Judean nation which failed to find common land to them. No Jews of any social height have even contemplated this change hearts. Judaea was little or no effort to invite the tribes behind, even though they had the ability or cultural glue is able to do so. The Essenes were very definitely against it and the Judeans held responsible for the contamination of the Temple ritual and duty. The Essenes are backbone of the new movement Messianic restoration and their Judea is not part of their claim. For them, the Judean priests and administrators sold themselves the enemy. Christ is their Messiah Northern and is within their monastery wall from an early age, forged to perfection and ready to take mantle of leader - but not before he has traveled and join with their many allies in the center and throughout the Middle East and Europe. Although she is their Teacher of Righteousness not immediately apparent, But it is certainly a very strong possibility, and as for bad priest, it sounds like Ananias, the intransigent and fanatical loud so desperately Jesus wanted unceremoniously executed. It is hidden in the life of Jesus, may be reconstructed by looking at crevices large amounts of so-called apocryphal documentation where the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hamadi cache, forms an integral component.

A mission from the beginning

No looking at Jesus as a first born, a son of leading family Bible, a leader of the Nazarene guardians of the Temple of God and the Holy place, it easy to forget that he was born with a mission. Without knowing the identity of the father, it is more confusing, but that he is what we imagine we see, because in the amount of information given to us in the Bible text. Attempts to divert the attention from the concept of the Nazarene which is almost synonymous with the terrorist (Liberator sicarii) is precisely because the Church wanted to get away from that image. He was instead classified as a person from a non-existent and the Nazareth INRI bad is translated as Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. This is Jesus of Nazareth, King of Israel with a € "Iesus Nazarenus rex Israel have exactly the same letters. Then we have "his hair is parted by way of Nazarenes" in the quote just one example of deception the Bible text. In fact, it's more than that, He belonged to a group whose members will not cut their hair a € "a tradition which was inherited by others such as Sikhs Rastafarians curiously clue to their tribes into the land of the Lion of Judah - Ethiopia. Samson is another, among a great many Bible characters. Speaking about a non-existent Nazareth as when he was born in Bethlehem is an attempt to get him the distance from Nazareth connection and the added excitement of tracing his father by that The lines of responsibility. Because her father is an absolute fighter and start the bane of Rome, he said that Jesus was not the way to go about things and to keep away from direct conflict. Jesus said almost precisely the same thing with John and which betrays a family connection. His remarks about his role roles of the disciples, may be loosely translated as explaining "I want him to be here when I return because he is important to put at risk."

It is a foregone conclusion that all so true Jews or rather Judeans, would be easy to manipulate against him, by cunning priests, though only for single abandonment of traditional circumcision. They are however only do it by blaming subversive activity against the principle of a Judean € " making him an enemy of the people. Previously they found it too difficult to insert a wedge between him and his large following that saw him as a very learned and holy man. Jesus, however, is in fact doing what she said she was - not destroy the temples, but rebuilding it. He was thrilled The whole Judean religious foundations by its roots and if we care to evaluate him a little closer, we see that her heart was not Temple the ground and with it in mind he sought to mislead the ancient remnants of tribes scattered over a very wide area indeed. In fact, the beginnings of this unique "Religion", seeing it in active communication by Paul in these areas in Egypt, Anatolia and even Britain, where the scattered tribes were proliferated and identified themselves with local cults. The success of existing mission involving the good news that the Messiah and will come, died and rose to atone for all, fed on nostalgia and hereditary memory where most people enjoyed. Without a common heritage, there's not a platform on which they built magnificent reconstruction of ancient Israel. The factors that come to light immediately reiterated, is that it is not a Jew. Further evidence to that effect will become clear views of the display.

A presence for the job.

Jesus is the kind of characters that filled the space around with a presence that never fail to impress Josephus. This is not a beauty € "it's rigorous character and eyes and smile that made poor and drove him unhappy. He is no soft touch however and ability of the organization had come from his study of Greek. It is said that his parables reflect a Greek format called cynicism though it is not I mean what it means today. Others call this inductive study indicates a profound knowledge, he obviously is, but in general, It's all a curious mix of amazingly smacks much derided Scientology in its emphasis on no attachments. How anyone can associate an object on the other, is no doubt raise hackles, but when we perceive the statement attributed to him about the "day of rest to bury his father" one of his followers wanted to take, his answer was not far short of what it tries to forment modern institutions. "Let the dead bury the dead" Tie with an abscess in his rebuke to his mother when she thought she had lost her when he was only 11 years old "Can you not see that I should go about fatherÂ's my business? "And we have short temper, arrogance and intransigence king. I think these things stem from the fact because they show him the kind of pink light adults liked Church has recorded. It also makes him a very human fault. There is also a kind of "mind over things "and brotherhood for over family duties in a €" a world's heritage business at hand. This is not a voice orthodox Jew, but a strict fiduciary on a mission as disciplined as a modern Mormon or Scientologist.

There is thus no hint of the Jesus anything remotely resembling the traditions of the House of Judah, and even his early sa synagogue Discourses real cause of his property by lynching the mob. He know every single aspect of the history of tribes and can quote scripture to any Jewish priests to the point of making them run scared. Set Jesus established temples and squarely in the heart of each person next to truth and greatness of the sentiments. Saying "blessed are the meek" is about as strange of what he meant as we can possibly stretch. Saying that cowards are braver for the living to fight another day is not Jesus at all. He meant noble (Which later lent its name to aristocracy) a € "and has the inbuilt sense of dedication and generosity of spirit we now features something like a noble deed. But he chides his servant for wanting to bury his father. More likely than not, there are Jews in the looking for meaning in their lives and the handling of the dead is something can be done only untouchables. The double meaning is becoming more obvious in the context as He uses the traditional approach to one of discouraging participation in surplus items that can not be undone. The definition of majestic is also a very respected and admired Usage others. The collapse of the sword of a Roman dishonored € "the implementation of the state itself condemned, as Seneca etc. The bravery and ferocity of the Spartans the coupling Jesus taught his followers to emulate - "go in pairs" - all showing the formation of general commands that can be described as "synergy" - Fusion of duties. We have this coupling Simon and Judas, John the Beloved and Holy, Peter and Paul. It is clear and desires. It also contained the teachings of love earlier Phoenicians from which many of the tribes took a common culture Wade. The symbol is the heart and the fact Alexander the Great was a gold one around neck, is not a coincidence, or the fact that Jesus was later to be anything other than Sacred Heart needed to encapsulate the main ancient religion principles. The Greek influence and logic on which Jesus has begun to open its teachings material understanding of social integration and the power of cohesive identity by association or sibling love. Israel saw Jesus emerging from its embers such as Phoenix (from Phoenicia which took its name) of the self same people who dominated the earth at a time. That was his scale model and if we take what the next several hundred years that lead to Constantine, he succeeded the setting in motion even in those early days. Paul however is that it gave its Roman lean and long before it is possible to combine this philosophy of Byzantium State religion. Constantine was but not before the dangerous gospel preacher of liberation and love kindness, are put to the sword and fire to thousands. There is very little harsh military authorities could do against the teachings that have no masters. Did Jesus not realize who was going to happen? Could he maybe, not just see it happening in his vision of a New Israel for everyone to join? Sa encounter Syro Phoenician woman where Jesus comes off badly in its severity, seems that despite saying he was not in his mission to do with reunification of Israel, he was unhappy about being associated with the Messiah of David. He seems to imply that the dog over the side otherwise it does not make sense. When he changes his phraseology only Lord and Master, he relents and says that Children of any race or creed should not be held responsible for the idea of their parents. Jesus was disturbed to think that he should be playing the role of a Jewish Messiah and while he remains silent, he was working his response to the situation very carefully before making his statement injuries. However, true to his style, his heart first,

A new age preacher age.

Jesus is a modern and New Age preacher knowledge of a sage, Assyrian and other cultural features can he identified. He spoke Aramaic Syrian points in that direction. But not he is Jewish. It is in a different order. Why? He was only challenged the leadership of Israel Judaic very dissimilar to history and reality because the total population of the area originally occupied by Israel as Samaria, Galilee etc., totally overshadowed by the sectarian interests of the Jewish or Judaic people whose African ancestors and are forbidden to marry outside their culture and family ties. The tribes had no widespread sense of cultural identity of a priest stemming from in ancient Ethiopia and which is a state all its own in Governing priest or religious mode IMAMS both say - modern Iran. It is a theological society graduations family affiliation with the Temple and the medium and high levels of society while the rest paid tribute and circled over core. It is also, in a sense, an oligarchy even that, in political pursuits all his own. For the Gentile, the nature of the Jewish God or his place of residence outside the Holy of Holies, is a mystery without a name. At best, according to tradition and written histories associated with the tribe, it was a fire God with associations of the mountain we see with Hermon and Sinai. Curiously, the Essenes were also of that ilk and Mount Caramel are the original source of all the Law of the convent. The Hasmodeans is responsible for setting them up if contemplative community in an attempt to recapture the spiritual values of the Judean people but it has worked out that way. The desert monks changed their goals aspirations by Abraham and the tribes as Israel and the Judean priest has ceased to represent values. They have become materialistic and some of their new found power as colonial administrator the spiritual side of the race. They are neglected in support of the community which has found it difficult to gather enough food for daily activities. It is not yet for women from Samaria and in the future who brought what they can from their own farms, they had to dissolve or die. One of the women recognized Jesus when he preached to them in Qumran. He saw him well and he vividly remembered enough to stand back respect. This is speculation but it makes more common than recognized as only a public figure. Jesus the teacher is mean and every inch a man, gives way to respect and maybe a chivalric little entertainment in the native women as is so often the case with other biblical scenes. He was a teaser and obviously enjoyed it, much to his annoyance rough and tired of the apostles and disciples. Her little outburst of her mother when she came back looking for him a € "the astonishment of entourage men when he allowed himself to be oiled by Magdalene and the welfare of the rising of Lazarus when he appeared to take little notice of their cries disease. They are obviously all required him to be there when they wanted him but he he has little time for hysterics and will show it has a time and place for everything that it can be considered a sputum € "a senseless approach to the situation where you need to be weighed up in context. We see Jesus in a totally different light when there are women around. Much contrary to popular tradition of male / female segregation, Jesus delights in bringing them right into the heart of things that no disguising his delight. He is very modern in terms of our thoughts now and it has really upset a great many traditional male executive role. It was this aspect of his bizarre behavior made him very attractive to the female population features very explicit in their demands for his intervention. It is no wonder that PilateÂ's wife closer to him that his wife. Jesus loosening hypocritical public morals and the picture is also saving lives by asking woman the past sins of the present. He is probably not the Magdalene as married him. The early church may have scribes want to destroy the concept of marriage issues and may well have chosen to make this slut and link Use of public opinion against it.

Pagan origins of the Christian rituals?

The old testament days, the mountain is translated worship as places of separation and divine contact. It is believed to be introduced is closer to the sky and the wind somehow gave them a good sense communication with nature and a mind as crisp and full of joy as could be had. Life down in the valley can sometimes lower the levels of energy point of confusion. All monastic communities to follow, like Mount Athos, St Michel etc. are places of great religious attention to besides not resist the sad place is possible that the nature of the electro-magnetic concentrations that make them near the top, you have to somehow accelerated the overall dynamism of the mind. Lighting as is now is located begins from the concentrations and sends the first wave in weak charged clouds high above. It is now a well known scientific fact that it causes the screw to follow and hit the same area. Earthed the church steeple is an attempt to use swords, no religion and no buildings were ever without one in high area. It should be clear in early modern people it is there that the terrifying sparks seem to make their appearance. How many died in this search can also be imagined. Pyramids may well also be the prototype for the "collection of this force" and it appears likely that they stem from the same principles of architecture. The association of Yahweh fire or volcanoes and the choice of name for Jerusalem means city of the sun in Latin, may not be a coincidence. The concept draws many other associations that you carefully untied the study before conclusions can be made. John the Baptist, baptized with water, but questioned Jesus as to whether, such as the promised Messiah, he baptise with fire. He consciously did not recognize his own cousin of Jesus so should be well away form, has for a considerable amount of time and from an early age. John is without a doubt, an Essene but his father seemed to have come from a background Mithraic if we were to go through its name and that is a fire and Li culture par excellence and the reason why the Persians always burnt their dead on funeral Towers. Jesus himself was born it seems to a Mithraic cave and the thing that is known to Bethlehem site even today. The selected date of birth is the birth of Mithras. - 25th. December. It thus shows that care to explore these things a € "those with eyes to see and ears to hear, is pointing in the direction of a Mithraic of Jesus or a prophet of God Sun The important thing to note so that things are now what they appear and Jesus is a prophet that cover a whole multitude of religious doctrine. One could say that it covers all the religious beliefs of the tribes of Israel. Above all, it illustrates that the Magi bearing gifts is looking for exactly that A prophet € "a descendant of Zoroaster, Mithras and the very Asahuru Mazda itself.

A king or priest heritage.

Clearly the story of the birth and mission were orchestrated for only one reason a € "that Jesus is the inheritor of a priest or royal bloodline. It also proposes, in view of the crucifixion of other religious figures in mythical history, the life of Jesus are controlled by different controlling its destiny through the occasional intervention in the same way that the mysterious Elohim Bible out to deliver their message and perhaps instructions. It is inconceivable that his father was have told him all during the first few years of his life. Other uncles sa JohnÂ's side or Joseph of Arimathea could have planned it carefully to ensure that the ordeal of the crucifixion is probably reduced to something which he could be taken without public reaction at any time. This line of thinking however, is not really the kind of people we can safely assume Jesus. The whole situation seems to have gradually developing his own mind, scarred by death of father he can spend most of his time in a € "the Robin Hood of his always alert for. Jesus is not stranger to some and cruel self-inflicted as the condition is seen today with respect to Indian shamans or holy men. For modern mystics, being buried alive for up to three days is an irrational exercise is astonished modern science, but the investigations in Haiti with respect to what they call their living and their dead drug use cataleptic released from fish Fugu, no question the issue. Jesus himself may therefore decided that this is the way to go if he, as He made it quite clear, wanted to be a sacrificial lamb that would go down to hell and back to life within three days. If he were to say that, then playing a hand in his own death / new life situation has been carefully planned with the help of others. He'd be able to decide where and when intervention is necessary to avoid absolute Death. Roman implication appears to be necessary and taking the ritual includes wearing the crown of thorns into account, the whole thing seems to be committed to perform a live ceremony of one of the most treasured and feared the Mithraic Mysteries practiced the Roman military and great people. If so, this is one of the most powerful The interior and awesome work anyone has ever dared to participate and PilateÂ's involvement as one of the originator of this Order may be taken for certain. The dramatic washing hands, if indeed it took place, is intended to be recorded as a sign of submission of the complete ceremony of the aspirant from divine-god status itself a € "a kind of denial of involvement which comes from the very procurator himself, seems almost rehearsed. Pilate, we know, the hated Emperor actually exiled him in Judea and that may have saved his life as a result. He would gladly participate in something that can be described as throwing the cat among the pigeons.

The whole scenario with the crucifixion of dice tossing hats for a garment € "the crown of thorns plant known sa Meditteranean Mirto as "myrtle" which is also the crown of Greek Demeter initations mystery with a reed € "all a little taste as much a mystery as Mithraism and Eleusian an apron with the Masonic Masonic device looks clear to us now. not all of them may be coincidental. Even Simon of Cyrene a € "(a town near the ancient site prophesied Siwa in Egypt) have been one of some help along the way ready to move on to a given sign. Who knows if it is not part of their own initiations as Auxiliary forms of Gods? All this, of course, suggests that the Roman Masters of Mithras is in the works and it is in their interests or that of the procurator Pilate to see it all through and we hope to create a demi god likely that may challenge the very Rome itself. Many of the followers of the Church of Mithras is not happy about that aspect of the Holy Emperor and know how expensive Julius Caesar was paid for of these only two generations before. Taking into account the origens of Kittim (as Rome was called by the Essenes), as the tribes of Israel, as a tract of land already have some very far reaching support. In fact it is suggested that the installation of the statue of the pagan God Baal by Tito sa front of the temples is to remind the Judeans that the Romans had as much a right to the land of their forefathers as them. Nothing, as we shall see, that with respect to the story of Jesus, is all that surprising. All attractive conscious understandings Sparks makes the whole business of real religious faith of Jesus is a real indeed wonderful quest. In fact, it is quite possible that he is what we call an agnostic now.

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