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The truth ABOUT plastic bags

The truth was plastic bags, such as a coin, two faces, one positive and one negative. If it is a shopping bag, grocery bags, garbage bags, food bags, bag or whatever it is, all of them are made of plastic. Grocery store baggers are very generous use of plastic. They place the fruits in a bag, drop the box of milk to another, the shampoo and others. Ever wonder why?

The positive side of the plastic handbag

Grocery stores, shopping centers, clothing boutiques, restaurants, and any other establishments do not care to be economical to use and giving out plastic bags because it costs no more than a cent, compared to paper grocery bags cost four cents. It is so expensive.

Plastic bags are made very cheap and massively that they are honest way the sides of at least 80% of store owners. In addition, it is very easy to carry and stores, they are light but strong-really a business engaged.

Advantage over it, according to The Film and Bag Federation, plastic bags consume 40% less energy, 80% less solid waste, produce 70% fewer atmosphere emissions and releases of up to 94% fewer waterborne wastes compared to paper grocery bags.

Certainly, the production of plastic bags huge gains and increase the manufacturer can not ask for more from its success. However, it seems like the other side of the coin is having too popular. More individuals are now getting concerned about how the earth is becoming victim of success stories plastic bag.

The negative side of the plastic bag

Economic environment-as opposed to the debate. While the production and consumption of plastic bags gives positive outlook for business, it is not so for mother earth. The success of plastic bags has led to an increasing amount of litter found floating in the water or messing with streets where we live.

Plastic bags, after use, usually scattered landfills as garbage bags. They clog drainage. rupture They sea. They poison the sea animals. They are inhaled as toxins when burned. They just pollute the earth, air and water.

Now that the real cost of plastic bags, and looks like it's more than a cent. These are very alarming concerns that needs to be properly taken into action.

The solution

While it is still impossible to stop the production of plastic bags, there is a way to help solve the issue. By recycling and reusing plastic bags, there may be less litter around. There are absolutely many ways to recycle and reuse the bags. Reuse them as trash can liners, food bags, plant cover, or bring them back for your next shopping. You can also get creative and recycle them as sling bags or clutches, raincoats, Mats or area kites for your kiddo.

Because there may be good and bad sides of the manufacture and use of plastic bags and the debate continues, but as our part in maintaining a cleaner environment, I guess it's a tiebreak.

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