Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
What foods are best cooked with good quality stainless steel cookware? I'm planning to ...?

I was planning on buying Calphalon Contemporary cookware, however I am having a hard time deciding between stainless steel or nonstick. The exterior of the stainless steel is absolutely beautiful, but I am concerned with my food sticking to the pans. Rather than buy a set of one or the other, I think I should buy every piece individually. So I want to know, what foods are best cooked in stainless steel and why?

I cook just about everything good stainless steel pans. I love my. Stainless heats up pretty quickly and holds heat. You'll find yourself slightly lower cooking temperature. I wish I could pans around the kitchen. I do not want to work so hard to take care of it. I do not like glass lids that can not be replaced if I drop one. There is no wrong with buying a starter set, but I prefer to buy pans as I need them. Most of my pans can not match. That is fine with me. They are my tools, I did not by them to decorate my kitchen.: 4 stainless saucepans. A stainless pan. 3 cast iron skillets. 1 heavy rolled steel pan, 1 stainless stock pot. I use cast iron for most of frying, stainless steel for about everything else. I prefer the stainless pan for searing meats that I'm going to braise in the oven. I also own several pieces of merchandise and Corning Pyrex glassware that I use the oven.

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