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Muslim Jesus!

The Muslim Jesus

by: Rassool Auckbaraullee

I n the Name of God, the kind, the merciful. Praise God, Lord of the Worlds, the kind, the helpless, the Supreme Lord, the Holy One, the Source of Peace, the Mighty and the Wise.

Your reading correctly, no errors in tittle Jesus was Muslim. This is nothing new for us Muslims, but very strange for you. We thought you kn nothing abut him. think you have no attachments. think you have no rights. You thought he was you. The Jews did not accept him as the Messiah, but we're doing. Well after reading this, you will be taught. For too long I have come across Christians in North America and Europe and Muslims as well, with no idea is that we believe in Jesus, and in fact hes on our side, and the Muslims. You have no idea we even know him. That is your ignorance, and get ready for the truth. We believe we know him more accurately as the Historical Jesus.

Dear servant of God, Jesus was one of the most influential prophet of Islam. Just as was the other prophets, Jesus was a chosen servant of God assigned to summon people to the true path. However, there are some features of Jesus only to him from others other prophets, the most important one being that he was raised by God in heaven and he will return to earth again to end-times. God tells the story of the life of Jesus in the Quran.

The Virgin Mary

In difficult times, a recently widowed woman prayed to God and offer her unborn children of God service. She had in mind that his son would become a rabbi. God heard his prayer, but she gave birth to a girl, Mary. From then on, the Lord made Mary grow in purity and beauty. God says, "Mary, God has chosen you and purified you. He was selected all other women. "The Lord give glad tidings should you be blessed by the Word. His name is Jesus. He was honored by Him in this world and the future and he will have his place among the closest to His Lord. 3-45 Quran. Amazing, it can be difficult for you to believe that we even knew Jesus, and his blessed mother Mary, and how much we love them both, because you just heard about Muhammad, and I blame earlier for not addressing the Muslim Jesus before, but I am doing my best now. The only difference is that we love God more, and give him all due honor, because he was the Creator. A very importnant truth about Mary - she is the only women by name mentioned in the Quran. There is a whole chapter dedicated to him, called Mary. She also mentioned by name, the more times in the Quran 34x then the KJV Bible 19x.

Jesus is mentioned by name in Quran 25x. Muhammad name was mentioned by name in the Quran only 4x.

Prophet is Born

Mary in her late teens journeyed east some to be alone. She set up a small tent and continued his studies. One day while he was studying and praying, the archangel Gabriel, also known as "The Holy Spirit, "came to him and announced:" O Mary! The Lord gives you glad tidings should you be blessed by the Word. Give you a son: his name is Messiah, Jesus. He is noble in the world and beyond. He was among those who are closest to God. "

The frightened girl gave the famous reply, "My Lord, how can I have a son when no man has touched me?!" The angel answered, "So it is. The Lord creates what he likes. He'll just say, 'Be' and it is done. "

Mary soon became pregnant, and then the baby is born she returned to her people. When his folks saw her return after a year or more in self-imposed exile, and carrying a baby as well, they became furious and started accusing his treason. They called her know her and her tight menacingly. Mary froze and could not find the words to speak in his defense, so the God caused the baby Jesus to speak. He told relatives that he was a special miracle from God and would be a Prophet. The people retreated and left Mary alone from then on.

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Jesus performed many miracles, the permission of God, as a sign for believers, but in his virgin birth and his declaration of his prophet hood as a newborn child in the crib. In fact, these 2 miracle is enough to reveal the wonderful nature of Jesus. After all, only a miracle could make a new-born children speak so and justified faith:

Remember when God said: "'Jesus, son of Mary, remember My blessing to You and your mother when I reinforced you with the Holy Spirit (Angel Gabriel) so you can talk to people in the cradle and when you are fully grown, and when I taught you Book and Wisdom ...." (5:110)

Other miracles of Jesus

Jesus' disciples even doubted him in one of the reasons the occasion and asked for a miracle to be performed in front of them. They were hungry after many days of hard missionary work and asked Jesus to make a table full food appear. Jesus complied with their wish, though he warned that whoever disbelieved after you are hopelessly lost. Chapter 5 of the Quran, "The Table spread"-takes its name from the incident. No other Prophet was given the ability of many miracles which he had made with God's permission. From right after birth when he was risen from God,

He must preach to the people in his cradle and in the strength of men, and should .3:46 lead a righteous life. "O sister of Aaron! flash of father is not a bad man nor Your mother is a whore. Then she pointed to him. They said: How do we talk to one who is a child in the cradle? He said: "I in fact a servant of Allah. He has given me the Book and has made me a Prophet. And made me blessed wheresoever I be, and has enjoined on me prayer and giving alms as long as I stay alive, And (hath made me) dutiful toward her who bore me, and hath not made me arrogant, unblessed. Peace me day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive! Such was Jesus, son of Mary: (it is) a statement of facts about in which they doubt. "Jesus was all before the age of 33, like other prophets, who began performing miracles with 40's. By of his life he was challenged, and performed many miracles from God to prove himself, especially after just being born.

As a Messenger sa tribe of Israel, saying: "I have brought you a Sign from your Lord. I have taken the shape of a bird out of clay for you then breathe on it and it was a bird by God's permission. I heal the blind and the leper, and bring the dead to life, by God's authority. I will tell you what you eat and what you store up in your home. There is a sign for you if you are believers. "(03:49)

The Mission

Throughout his life, Jesus called his people to live by the religion revealed by God and reminded them to be true servants of God. He instructed them in the direction of the Injeel (the Gospel) - The revelation given to him by the fragments may survive in parts of the Gospels. book that affirmed the order of the Torah - the revelation given to Moses some of which remain in the Torah and the Old Testament - which is By then became corrupted. Criticizing the wrong teachings of Rabbis who is responsible for the decay of true religion of Islam, Jesus removed rules that were invented Rabbis and of themselves by which they derived personal gain. He summoned the children of Israel, the unity of God, in truth and virtuous behavior.

Crucifixion or Cruci-Fiction?

The Quran records that fierce opposition to Jesus came from community leaders Jewish. They called him a cheat and contrived a plot against him. Then they succeeded in having him arrested, they tried to get him executed. God says in the Quran that Jesus was not killed or crucified, but "it is made to appear so to them." God wanted to deceive them, he saved Jesus and took him to be in heaven until the time comes is to complete its mission to end-times.

Who was nailed to the cross on deadly day? The scholars say that the Caucasian Romans could have grabbed his disciples, Judas, who betrayed Jesus instead. He said historians claim Jesus, "I have chosen 12, and one of you is a devil?" John 6:70

The two look almost the same, and the confusion they have Judas executed instead. In any cases, says Islam the way the trick was futile. What matters is that people thought that Jesus died, when in fact he did not. Also according to the Bible why Jesus said "Eli Eli Lama Sabuchtani" Oh God Oh God Why Do Even forsaken Me? Matthew 27:45-46 God will not allow any of his prophets, was tortured. God has always given to all prophets likes, because he loved them the most, and the closest too. Why is Jesus any different. But why is it meant to be perceived this way, I do not know.

If Jesus Son of God, why would the Father (God) allows it to happen, his son. And if he is God, why did'nt cry for help himself. If have children, you can not watch or let any harm happen to them, want to save them, especially if you have power.

So that why the Quran God tells us and the world. Ok do not worry, that never happened with Jesus, for I am God and not allow that to happen to him. I made an escape plan and made others suffer. That's beautiful - that a loving God that's what protects her. I do not understand what is why is it so wrong for Christians to believe. Would you rather that Jesus was tortured and beaten, probably more then anyone else in history, and then the cross. To be embarrassed, dehydrated, hungry, dramatic. Because that's what the crucifixion means. It makes her die an agonizing death usually took three days. And all the while have allowed, Judas to get away the biggest conspiracy of all time.

Here Quran God saids, I hear you say that has not happened to the beloved Prophet Jesus Christ. Would not it make you feel releaved. Why the violence? If you need to think he sacrificed himself for your sins. Let me repeat that again, your fault. Then you can go to art forever. Not make sense. Do not know.

"That they said (in boast), 'killed we have Jesus Christ the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah '- But they killed him not, Nor crucified him, but so is made to appear in them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for a guarantee they killed him not -
Nay, Allah raised him up to Himself, and Allah is exalted in Power, Wise. "
Quran 4:157-158

The Cross

Where is it? What happened to it. You will read many different stories on the internet. The secret societies have hidden them in pyramids. Had a time it was lost and then found 300 year later the original cross of Jesus was reportedly discovered by Helena of Constantinople 326AD the mother of Constantine, but whether Where is it now? It would be a few Museum, or something sacred and not be secret right ..

Dr. Didron commented: "The cross is the object of worship and worship, similar if not equal to that offered in Christ. Sacred trees are adored almost as if it is equal to God himself. "I do not agree more, see what's hanging on your necks, your home, when you make a sign with your hands and fingers, and even your church. If a People had to take it away, the Christian world is fear, and say it's Armageddon.

Take look at the film Kingdom of Heaven by Ridley Scott. New the battle of Hattin sa 1187 July 4. The Christians brought the original Cross of Christ in the battle, believing it was some super powers. If you are the Cross that Christ was crucified the cross, it would be like Kryptonite, the enemy. Christ is not, and would not allow any enemy to win against any army that fought against the symbols of Christianity, and the actual Cross of which he died, to win, right Christian? It makes sense for Christians to bring it to say hey look if what we have to be careful and prepare. It would be like to bring the actual Ten Commandments in combat, which can fight against that?

Christians believe the power of the Cross of Christ crucified, would be useful to use, and lead, to fight against this great Islamic Army in combat. The thinking process and the Pope King of Jerusalem, thought, the Cross is the only thing that is capable to defeat the Muslims. It is essential, also because new ah Salah and his army, Christians do not bring the Cross.

Unfortunately the Christians are defeated in the battle against Islamist troops over powered by Salah ah well, and the cross was taken by the Muslims. For Muslims, the Cross meant nothing, because they know the truth, according to the Quran.

On to the end of the movie Kingdom of Heaven. King Richard 1st 1191, went on to defend the faith of Christians to recover the City of Peace (Jerusalem) from Muslim, but failed.

On the journey toward Jerusalem, He won some small battles against the Muslims, and made many Muslim slaves and hostages, and mass thousands victims, to show the Salah ah Din he is a force to reckon with included. In a plea bargain for the hostages and salves. Al Salah also, bargain for the release of the Muslims, for the Cross. King Richard the 1st, the Christian leader of that time, sadly refused. use your imagination what the Muslims have so-called cross, tree, whatever you call it, has it, because from then - it is lost forever. So you should know it was last left in Muslim hands.

Compilation of the Bible from the Gospel

Then Jesus left the earth, some of his followers later started bad revelation. The message is called the Injeel (Gospel) is not written down. When followers finally get around to making a book of Scripture, they placed a selection of writings on a table and voted on what they thought should be included. This council was held at Nicaea 325 AD, Greece. The group of writings council included in their books, or "The New Testament" the writings of Paul, who created Christianity. Also when the idea of Trinity was adopted in the New Testament, before the time it was not there. The word Trinity is not even exist in the Bible but its Quran.

Under the influence of some ideas from the pagan Greeks, they formed the belief in "the trinity" (The father, son, and Holy Ghost). Under the name of "Christianity," they are adhered to a totally different religion than Islam.

AD 303, 1 / 4 of a century earlier, the pagan emperor Diocletian was undertaken to destroy all Christian writings to be found. As a result Christian documents - especially in Rome - all but vanished. When Constantine commissioned new versions of documents, enabled the custodians of orthodoxy to change, modify, and rewrite their material as they saw fit, in accordance with their tenets. They wrote it in Greek because the language of Jesus and his disciples was Aramaic, a language close to Arabic. It was at this point that the majority of the most important alterations in the New Testament were probably made. The importance of the Constantine's commission must not be underestimated. 5000 extant early manuscript versions of the New Testament, not one predates the fourth century. The New Testament as it exists today is essentially a product of fourth-century editor and writer. Therefore, Christianity is now lost much of the original teaching of Jesus' Islam.

Then Jesus, God sent another messenger from a different tribe in order that through him he can reveal the original religion on earth, and He has endowed him with a noble book. Messenger is the Prophet Muhammad and the book is the Quran, the only unaltered revelation.

The Second Coming of Jesus

At that point when the current appears to be very strong, the true religion of Islam, which comprises the collective personality of Jesus, has appeared. That is, it falls from the skies of Divine mercy. Present Christianity is purified before fact, it will cast off superstition and distortion, and participate in truths of Islam. The true religion has become a powerful force as a result of its taking it. And the person of Jesus, who is currently in his human body in the world of heaven, came to lead the current of true religion rely on God's promise.

It was actually diving the followers of Jesus who will kill the collective personality of enormous nonreligious materialism and the Anti-Christ (Dajjal) will form - for Anti-Christ will be killed only by Jesus' vision - it sounds kinda "Lord of" ring, but that is what is left to us to know. The Anti-Christ is its best to start his relationship, and is destroyed like Lord of the Rings movies by just making eye contact with him. Si Jesus will then destroy his ideas and disbelief, as atheistic. The story: "Jesus will come and perform the obligatory prayer behind the Mahdi and follow him, "alludes to the union, and the power of the Quran and its follow. Jesus is assuming leadership to spread the ultimate expression of law (the Quran) and its teachings

The second coming of Jesus is a great sign that the end of the world and the condemnation of God is imminent. Jesus would live the rest of his life on earth, get married, children, and death is buried beside Muhammad to Medina, Saudi Arabia. So with respect to Christians, Muslims we are waiting for the Prophet Jesus as well, again for different reasons and different endings. For us he is alive and well. You must understand this very well. We are waiting for him too. Where is he? He was in second heaven of five, along with his cousin, another Prophet John the Baptist. Waiting for time to return back to Earth. He was the only person in the flesh in heaven. He is still at the age of 33 when he raised 2000 + years ago, and her in her example, all people goes to heaven, cast or added up both age 33. Interesting eh. So if your child died at birth or at 5 33 in heaven. If you die at 100 or 66, you too will be 33, as for the first person in the flesh that is there now - Jesus 33.

Unitarian View of pure monotheism

The silly notion that God has ever allowed himself, though it is possible, to be pounced and embarrassed, let alone was crucified in order to please that Wicked be revealed paggalan sa own people, is folly raised to its highest power. Because this disease is self-esteem is one of the main causes of continued addiction of people wanting to be equal with God.

Setting the record straight about the nature of Jesus and Mary, God proclaims, in the later part of the 5th Chapter, which they both eat food like other mortals. God also says Jesus "never felt very proud to be God's servant." (4:172)

God creating Jesus compares to that of Adam. The best creation of God ever made. The first man. Who has no father and no mother. Jesus was created without a father, but at least she is a mother. Adam and Eve were created without either. "Surely the likeness of Jesus with God is as the likeness Adam. He made him the dust and then said to him 'Be!' and he did. "

Penalty Day, Jesus will tell God about to Christians, "I never said anything to them except what you commanded me. Namely, 'To serve God, my Lord and your Lord. " "Quran 5117-120 For this reason both Muslims closer relationship with Jesus than Christians.

Look at your own KJV Bible Matthew Ch 22 V 22 & 23

According to the Quran (Chapter 4) some Jews, as well as Christians, falter in their faith, especially since selective in their way of thinking, they accept some of the prophets as true and reject the prophet hood of others.

I apologize if this e-book is rude to whatever happens to Christians or Jews, it is an informative e-book for those who use their ability to reason. Muslim is to respect and be friends with Christians and Jews for all three religions start with the same history ends differently though. I just want to make your own Research your faith not because you believe everything your saids Priest.

It is a Christian King of Abyssinia saved when the Muslim the Muslims are only a handful. Muslim men can marry Christian / Jewish women only as The Prophet married two wives Sam, along with my self. I am married to a Catholic, from the Philippines. Prophet Muhammad's wife, Safiyyah is the daughter of Huyayy ibn Akhtab, the undisputed leader of the Banu al-minimum area as well as a Jewish rabbi. Also Rayhana amr ibn bint Khunafa is a Jew woman from the tribe Banu Qurayza.

"You will find that the closest you love is the call that their themselves Christians because there are priests and monks to those who do not act arrogantly. "(5:82)

The People of the Book

The goal of Islam is to call people away from worship of creation and to direct them to worship the Creator alone. This is where Islam differs from other religions. Although most religions teach that there is a creator who made all that exists, they are rarely free of some form of polytheism (idolatry) with respect to worship.

Most people have a tendency to focus on their adherence to something they can visualize, a thing imaginable, even if they have a natural knowledge of the Creator of the universe is far bigger than their imaginations.

Say religion of God is one God religion, Islam. Sense that Islam is a religion brought by Muhammad unprecedentedly, what the Prophet, is to bring The "final" version of it in person. So Jesus was a Muslim and a Muslim Moses quite. Being in the right religion at any time is equivalent to be a Muslim.

Muslims must believe in all Divine scriptures in their original form, their Prophets and making no distinction between this: The Suhuf (Abraham), Torah (Moses), Psalms (David), Gospel (of Jesus), and the Koran (Muhammad). However, none of these scriptures remains in its original form now, except the Koran, which is sent to all mankind everywhere and for all time.

Due to the fact that there has never been the history of the Torah (Old Testament) the religion of God, named after a prophet (ie Adaminity, Abrahamity, Mosanity, Muhammadens, etc), hope I have to explain that Jesus did not preach the religion of Christianity, but a religion that gives all Praise and Worship to The One God, Islam.

Muslims sincerely believe that everything Jesus is from God, the Gospel (Injeel): The "good news" and the guidance of God for the children of Israel. No place mentioned in the present four Gospels that Jesus wrote a single word of his Gospel, nor it is mentioned that Jesus instructed anyone to do it. What passes off, as the "Gospels" today are the works of third party human hands.

"And woe to write the book in their own hands and say: "It is from God." To traffic for a miserable price! "(2:79)

The Message Of Jesus

Mary God says: "Your son is My responsibility. I will teach him the Scripture, the Torah, the Gospel and the Wisdom, and he shall be My messenger. 'I was, Mary was sure,' a sign to mankind and a token of My mercy. " "

Jesus called disciples to follow him. He recruited a cadre of dedicated people who helped him in his mission. The immediate effect is that many new converts that Jesus' way of Islam is derived.

Jesus predicted the coming of Muhammad. The New Testament of the Bible quotes Jesus as saying the "Comforter" came after him and guide people into all truth. The Quran calls itself the completion of all religions. Jesus was not referring that the Holy Spirit, because according to the Bible, the Spirit is already at work in the world. A thorough reading of John 16:7-14 gives strong indications that a person is referred, not the Holy Spirit.

God says no prophet came after Muhammad (33:40) and that when Jesus comes again, he was a prophet role, but just a servant.

In addition to other reasons why the Koran was sent to mankind, as mentioned in (18:4-5) was sent to warn The Christians of a terrible punishment from God if they did not cease to say: "Allah has begotten a son."

True Muslims know that does not mean Arab or Islam. It means one who submits to the One Lord, Creator of all things, God, Allah. Therefore Jesus was a Muslim, he will obviously be submitted to the One true Lord, as well as all the prophets. I leave you this last assignment takes 1 minute. Jesus spoke Aramaic, tell Google how God Aramaic.

"O People of the Book! Make no excesses in your religion, or say of Allah anything but the truth. Jesus Christ the son of Mary was (no more than) a Messenger of Allah, and His Words, which He bestowed on Mary and a Spirit from Him techniques: so believe in Allah and His messenger. Say not 'Trinity': desist: it is better for you: for Allah is One God: glory be to Him: (Far is He high) above with a son. To Him belong all things in heaven and on earth. And sufficient that Allah as a Disposer of affairs. "

Quran 4:17

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