Sword Keychain

Sword Keychain
Sword Keychain

The Use of Self-Defense Keychain Kubotan As A Model For Using everyday items for Self-Defense

One of the key elements which separates the Ninja way to self protection, including the study of weapons like Kubotan self-defense keychain, from many other approaches to defense self-training is the concept of "strategic thinking." And one of the ways that this important mindset manifests is through the ability to see through the "form" what is actually happening.

In the case of weapons training, the Ninja aspirant works to see any particular weapon, not as a specific weapon limited to a specific form and function, but as a model for the use of any weapon or other object of similar shape and size. An example they could see the knife, not just as a knife, but as a sword with an extremely short blade. Or to "see" a profit or short-stick-weapon as a sword without an edge. Of course these things are what they are, but his alternative "vision" is giving way to Ninja Warrior expand its knowledge and options, and use weapons in ways that confuse and surprise their attacker. It also vastly expands the number of techniques and options to Ninja's disposal.

In a recent seminar that I taught, focusing on the use of defense Kubotan self keychain, students will be able to see, first hand, how this approach works in the real world. After learning some basic techniques that have actually that Kubotan arms, my students are shown a variety of everyday items that can be used as substitutes for actual, "official that "weapons.

Students found that as usual, the search to things like:

1. Rulers ...

2. Pen ...

3. Markers ...

4. Lipstick case ...

... And even parts of other weapons such as a. ..

5. Pommel knife ...

6. Handgun grip, and ...

7. Weight of a kusari-Fundo 'Kadena-arms'

Can All brought to service in much the same way as the small arms they are learning to use.

This is the concept of seeing the "universality-of-method and applications "that provide practitioner Ninja seemingly magical ability, not only when using a weapon like Kubotan, but in all area, which makes them stand apart from conventional tactics, techniques, and strategies used by most fighters, military artists, and self-defense students.

About the Author

Do you want to be able to defend and survive a real street self defense attack? Do you want to know how to have just the right technique for the attack that's happening, and be able to defend yourself successfully against a violent attacker who's throwing anything he wants? Well, you can. How? By learning what it's like inside of a real attack, and developing the skills necessary to handle a variety of self defense situations.

If you want to learn more than just the step-by-step punches, kicks, and techniques that most students limit themselves to, then you should read my newest self-defense book, "Fight Smarter - Not Harder!"

You can download it free at: http://www.warrior-concepts-online.com/street-fighting-self-defense-book.html

Jeffrey M. Miller is an internationally recognized self protection expert and the creator of the unique, EDR: Non-Martial Arts Defensive Training Program. Each month, he shares his 30+ years of real-world study, training, and experience to help literally thousands of students from all over the world, to be more safe and secure in Today's often dangerous world. Jeff says, "If you really want to be able to protect yourself, then I can teach you the critical skills you'll need to defend and survive an attack against any attacker - guaranteed!

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