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Cash trip 'More Hype or Real Deal?

To the glut of online business opportunities available on the internet today, it's easy to let your emotions get the best of you and get caught up in all the flash and hype. So, when I ran cross Cash trip I naturally was very leery about their businesses and opportunities.

First let me say there is a huge shift going on the internet business world as of late. It becomes clear that FOR real marketers, and who selfishly out for personal gain. There is a disturbing trend of negative advertising and darn right nasty marketing tactics of going all efforts to make a buck. Competition was keen and, sadly, it is evident more and more individuals are willing to do to make a sale.

As a who is watching it all unfold over the past few years, I can honestly say that this kind of "crap" it's about to hit the proverbial fan in the coming months. The people are wising up by asking questions and not much intelligent falling for the outright lies, flashy websites and toys and trinkets being dangled in front them.

That is why, at first, I thought traveling to Cash is going to be another fly-by-night operation offers no real substance or lasting value. Because I knew it was going to be just another run-of-the-mill, short lived opportunity, I really was not anxious to check this thing out. I know, however, I had to give an honest review based on the truth, so I proceeded to investigate this company, the product and so it called "revolutionary compensation plan." (Everyone claims to have a revolutionary plan Comp!)

As for the product, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is "front and center," and the driving force behind the trip to Cash business. When you looked around the net, you do not doubt noticed that many online business opportunities put little emphasis on the products or services offered. Just money games, really. Not so travel to Cash.

Let me give you a brief run down: To be a journey to Cash members must enroll in one of two level. The Weekender Package is $ 477 and includes unlimited weekend getaways to destinations like Las vegas, Cape Cod, Orlando, Mexico, Hawaii and more. You Save big money on vacations by essentially redeeming travel vouchers. The getaways in general is for 3 days and 2 nights in duration, and remember you can use Vouchers are an unlimited number of times.

The Cruiser Package is $ 977 and includes all the benefits and getaways at Weekender Package plus, you get no Unlimited Access to vacation like an 8 day 7 night stay in more than 700 locations worldwide including destinations such as Orlando number, Bermuda, Hawaii and Portugal and Many, many more. The Cruiser Package also include a cruise ride a first class cruise ship. As you would Weekender Package, you can enjoy without unlimited access to these and numerous other vacations. These are real vacations premium real place you can enjoy your family and friends and pay a small part of the full price.

I am, of course, skeptical about all this and knowing there has to be a catch, but reading a bit more I realized the only other expenses after paying taxes in the room was a small activation fee or "redemption fee" not to exceed $ 50. (I like the fact they do not try to hide this information). Small price to pay, considering the savings involved, and when they say "unlimited" the they mean "unlimited."

Top-notch hotels like Wyndham, Marriott, Radisson, Sheraton, Ramada, Hampton Inn, Hawthorne Suites, Fairfield Inn and Suites, easy to accept the vouchers because they are rarely fully booked to capacity, and empty rooms do not add to their bottom line.

And stay with you for pennies on the dollar. As an example: a family booked 5 nights in Hawaii for less than $ 30 per night in outrigger Hotel in Waikiki Beach. The normal price was over $ 250 each night. They certainly are not "sloucher vouchers."

Next, look at Cruise To Cash pay plan.

I have to admit, I was not impressed at first, because it looked like a typical 2-up deal where you pass up 100% commission of your first two sales your sponsor, but is not the case. Actually, they have made a pay plan that includes four profit centers under one umbrella.

Here's how it works:

You'll earn a commission split the $ 238.50 or $ 488.50 on your first 2 product sales, (not have to miss 100% of your commissions), including an additional $ 238.50 or $ 488.50 from the first 2 product sales generated by your personally enrolled members. From your 3rd personal sale to infinity You get paid 100% commissions of $ 477 or 977 U.S. dollars. Additionally, travel to Cash has introduced an industry first by paying its members a $ 10 or $ 20 per month residual income personal enrollee months after they stay in the program.

In order to remain active in the program travel to Cash members must pay a monthly fee of either $ 39.95 or $ 59.95 depending on which package they come with. I do not consider this a negative, because you get a lot great tools, including the replicated website, comprehensive training back office 'with the video - and a powerful proven marketing system to help that your business grow.

All in all, travel to Cash offers a solid opportunity for anyone who is willing Statement of the required time and effort to make it work.

Eric Grant - Florida

About the Author

To find out more about Cruise To Cash please visit: http://www.ctcwinningteam.com

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