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Cartier: The Story of operators

Like their parents to tell a child "cry wolf" story, for children planted the seed honesty, and now companies are willing to use the story to spread its ideas, the seeds of the brand is rooted in the minds of consumers.

The story easy to remember, easy to spread, the story closer to human nature, more emotional and strength given product, this product is a high degree of homogenization time, the story is a useful tool to establish a brand personality.

This one is called "The Emperor's jewelers, jewelers of the emperors" leading international luxury brands over the past 160 years has concentrated weave their own stories and use different ways to spread. So, if Some people think, 160 years in business Cartier jewelry, watches and other luxury goods, it would be wrong, because in addition to these things, but more importantly, Cartier has also runs its own story.

Mining Story

Since its inception in 1847, Cartier was working on the imperial family of aristocrats and famous People countries have maintained close-knit and close contacts. For ordinary people, the royal family and the lives of celebrities in mystery and fascination. As a result, Cartier became every customer free of charge to its spokesman, this is the Cartier brand is an important source of the story.

No matter what channel you know from Cartier, one heard such a story: in December 1936, following a bit less than a year to Britain's King Edward VIII and the two times-divorced Mrs. Simpson, the U.S. civilian woman was married, resolutely declared that abdication. King Edward VIII, George VI to the throne after his brother, gave him the title of Duke of Windsor. To express their love, the Duke of Windsor inspired Cartier company designed the Duchess of Windsor, four jewelry, namely The "Cheetah" brooch, "bib" necklace, "tiger" long-handled glasses and the "duck head" brooch.

Since its behind the beautiful, moving story, and the "first animal shaped jewelry Cartier's status," Cheetah "brooch has almost become iconic Cartier products, but also to "Cartier cheetah's" series product unceasingly many newcomers favorites.

In fact, Cartier really booming business up and swept the royal family and nobles from Paris by Napoleon's younger cousin - Princess Mathilde of all ages began. Later, the British Prince of Wales Prince specially ordered from Cartier 27 crown in the shape of the headdress, and was crowned as Edward VII's ceremony, to wear. Two years later, Edward VII bestowed the Royal Cartier certificate of appointment. Since then, Cartier is next to Spain, Portugal, Russia, Belgium, Egypt and the king room certificates of appointment to be "the royal family of Queen's jewels, "supplier.

Them with royalty and celebrities of the story, not only brought Cartier business development, but also to the brand Cartier greatly enhanced the amount of premium capacity of growing.

Of course, in addition to the stories behind the brands, Cartier behind each unit also has its own story.

Cartier's classic, like "Tank watch series," is to commemorate "a war" military tank, designed in 1919 for the first time sales, orderly and simple shapes are still being sought after fashion. In 1924, Cartier is a popular poet JeanCocteau designed a unique shape and deep rich flavor of Cartier ring ......

"We are not specifically for a particular country or region of the design consumer group. For our customers to know Cartier is an international brand, if only for a regional consumer product design, it will affect the image brand. "Cartier Asia and China deputy general manager of North China, said Zhang Kai," but we design products from cultures around the inspiration. "

In 2003, Cartier launched the "Kiss of the Dragon," jewelry series, all of their creative inspiration from traditional Chinese culture and art, is some of the most simple everyday things like wishful unusual knots, wind chimes, padlocks, as well as the classic "Dragon" style is interpreted as a symbol of happiness and good fortune, success and a permanent jewelry treasures.

Dissemination of the story

For luxury, history brand, branding the spirit is more important than the product itself. Therefore, the luxury market needs to choose a good channel of communication with the spirit of the proper way to bring the brand to target groups which pass.

"Customers appreciate the Cartier bring quality of life and savor the same time, how to make them understand the story behind the brand and cultural heritage, it is very important. So, consumers are closer to experience, as by Cartier with the nearly 160 year history of the brand will bring with them the art of feeling. "Cartier Greater China chief executive Nigel Luk said.

For to the small congregation to target customers for luxury goods, and not be a wide range of channel construction to improve and consumers to meet the rates to achieve the goal of dissemination of the brand. Although China has entered into a 15-year-Cartier So far, only 12 boutique shops - although this figure has been in the luxury brand is not much, but compared to the work of consumer products rely on concepts Distribution: This is unambitious.

"We is the most important means of communication, or the Tour and held for VIP customers of various new releases and other activities. "Zhang Kai on" contemporary manager "says.

In May 2004, Cartier held at the Shanghai Museum, "Cartier Art Treasures Exhibition." Exhibitions include Cartier in the 20th century, 30 years to 60 years of historical figures for the legendary Duchess of Windsor, the design treasures, along with his favorite leopard-quality sapphire brooch, in 1928, the main Patiala state in India created the history of jewelry most world giant diamond necklace, as well as English King George V ordered the 19 crowns and more. That same year, Cartier's parent company Richemont is also attached to the Imperial ancestral temples Beijing held a "Watch wonders" exhibition.

"We have just was successfully concluded at the end of January this year, which would take more than three months Cartier "Tank illustrious family," traveling exhibition clock. "Cartier Propaganda Department of the North China area manager, Zhang Xiaoyu, when talking about the tour is still very excited, "This is what we have held the largest tour of China. "

According to Zhang Xiaoyu, the current exhibition by 18 cities, including not only a city, but also including Dalian, Wenzhou, Anshan has a two-third tier cities.

"This is the city's huge potential consumption, growth is very fast." Zhang Xiaoyu said, "prior to the show every time we have become a very long time in research and preparation, found that the most appropriate way to the Chinese market, selecting the most appropriate city. "

However, among things, can make a tour more critical to success, or should be reflected in the invitation the target customer, scheduling, service area, and therefore the details of the issue.

"We are contacting staff and customers, and the links stores to find what we wanted to invite the group. "Zhang Xiaoyu said," Of course, it accumulated many years of customers and a number of work to get to know new friends is also the matter of our invited Sometimes participate once the event to be held in person is recommended Cartier friends to attend. "

Each exhibition, detailed information on activities at least natural. However, with Cartier is even more special.

"The last tank traveling exhibition, we were met with cooperation of a prominent critic's watch, specifically for this tour published a book with others Other books of all Cartier Tank watches. "Zhang Xiaoyu description:" He comes from a consumer point of view to introduce the product and his feelings The product, which allows visitors to better understand our products. "

Of course, exhibitions, interactive programs and displays natural stars also not small. "In particular, the second-tier cities, stars, or have a good effect."

In addition, the exhibition, visitors can also bring a favorite photo Cartier tank watch. After the show, Cartier staff will put your photos in a very elegant frame where to send them. The "value added" service will definitely affect the visitors, to increase their attention Cartier. It is understood that this other Tour Year - Lu Yika Cartier watch round the tour began, following Lu.

Accelerate the opening of boutiques in the plans, has also become Cartier rate increases and to consumers and cultivate a valuable channel for our customers. "This year Cartier in China wants to open five or six boutique." Zhang Kai the "contemporary manager" says.

The creation story

In addition to its own 160 years of history, and the royal family, the relationship between celebrities alone a beautiful, moving story, and by different methods of their delivery to target audience, the Cartier also to continue to "own" a number of fresh story.

In 1973, Cartier International auction in Geneva, bought back in 1923 made the first "Magic charm clock "has become an antique Cartier collection first treasure room.

In the ensuing 20 years, Cartier antique collection chamber from a number of top international auctions and private collectors to collect more than 1200 pieces of the collection. Treasures collection by the organization of international exhibitions and other other public activities Cartier tells a story of a fine about it, so that people in understanding the history of Cartier at the same time traditional and modern design and feel of its brand value.

Since 1989, Cartier collection is part of many world-class museum exhibitions, including a small museum palace in Paris, France, the Russian Hermitage Museum, Tokyo, Japan, China and Garden Museum, Shanghai Museum and others.

In 1984, Cartier created the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. Foundation in the world looking for original works, providing an artist to create and display space, therefore, it also became a different artistic methods of expression in the collection.

Although the Foundation itself is a purely for the promotion of modern art, not commercial organizations of color, but for sa Cartier brand, but it is another story, the story also made the Cartier brand is even more noble and purity.

"Each brand is not should tell the story and storytelling, but through storytelling, so customers know what brand with brand proposition, customers in the consumer branded products will meet this kind of emotional appeal. "Nigel Luk deep feeling.

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